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Sport History

SPORT HISTORY explores the origins and creation of ancient and modern sport.

Historians explore how wider socio-cultural ideologies including race, gender and class have impacted the development of sport. Sports history involves reflecting on the significance of sport(s) in/on society and exploring how government policy has influenced sport and sporting events. Sports historians use a wide-range of sources including newspapers, diaries, magazines and correspondence.

History Snapshot

CLICK in the image above to hear Sports Historian, Dr Sam Oldfield discuss how England Netball was created.

CLICK on the image below to find out more about the first ever Women’s Football World Cup in the 1920s [England v France in Cardiff].

Playing Pasts is an online magaine for sport and leisure history. Below you will find some activities to help you understand the important role sport historians play in helping us reconect and learn from the past…

Williams, E. (2022)

Read about the amazing story of The Lost Lionesses, the women who played in the 1971 World Cup in Mexico and were banned from playing when they returned. You can also watch the interview with the lionesses HERE.


Oldfield, S. (2021)

Explore Playing Pasts and read Sam’s article about George Martin, ‘Wizard of Pedestrianism’ and Manchester’s Sporting Entrepreneur HERE.


Ormandy, J. (2022)

Wars and athleticism have always been historically entwined, click HERE to read about Hockey’s First World War sacrifies.