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Personal Training

Personal trainers can help direct aworkout regimen and provide motivation during difficult times. They are knowledgeable in the exercises and activities that will help achieve fitness goals.

Many graduates of sport related courses make a career for themselves as a Personal Trainer. A personal trainer creates one-on-one fitness programmes for their clients, motivating and guiding them to achieve their goals. All clients are different, some may wish to lose weight or some may want to gain muscle. As their personal trainer you’ll teach and help them to exercise properly using workouts and specific plans. You’ll instruct and advise clients, using a range of fitness machines, classes or weights.

Similar roles to a personal trainer include a fitness instructor and a gym instructor. Future Fit, who train Personal Trainers in the UK, define the difference between these different roles here.

Nuffield Health

Watch the video on the left to find out more about what Personal Trainers do.



Personal training is one of the few careers that we have explored in this course that does not require a degree, thus many students gain employment in this role whilst they are studying at unversity. There are opportunities around to gain this type of employment, for an example click here.

What do you need to be a Personal Trainer?

Using, for example, Future Fit find out what qualifications, skills etc. you would need to work as a Personal Trainer alongside your studies, and possibly after graduation.