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Presentation Skills

Today, presentation skills are required in almost every career, and so most of us will be required to present occasionally. However, while some people take presentations in their stride, others can find it much more challenging.

At university, students will be expected to present both as a group and individually. Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill in getting your message across. This sprint will explore presentations and how increase your chances of success…

Lots of research presentations involve presenting a scientific poster. At university you may complete assignments using poster presentations.

Click on the image to the right to listen to Dr Gladys Pearson explaining how to create an effective scientific poster.


What should I use visually to support my presentation? How do I go about making effective and impactful slide? Find out below?

Watch the video on the left and take notes on how to create effective and impactful slides.



What did you take note of when watching the videos above? Here are some useful tips for creating a successful presentation.

Prepare a short 5 minute presentation on one of the topics below, using the presentation tips above. Present it to your friends, family or even the dog to see if you were able to use some of the verbal and non-verbal communication skills discussed in this sprint.

  • The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign.
  • The use of VAR in the Premiership
  • Using GPS technology to prevent chronic injuries.
  • Athlete activism.