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Are you interested in studying a degree in sport at university?

Through this RISE Self Study Pack, Rebecca and Zoe will introduce prospective university students, their parents, and their school/college teachers to the life of a university sport student. In doing so, they provide information on some of the different disciplines you can study to degree level (including: sport science, exercise science, health science, sport coaching, and sport development) and the extracurricular sporting opportunities available when you go to university.

Alongside information on the different degree sport disciplines available to study at university, Rebecca and Zoe will also spend time discussing the skills you can develop and outline just some of the exciting careers pathways available with a degree in sport.

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Key InformationPoints40Effort8-10 hoursPrerequisitesNoneRelease Date
Author Info

Hello, my name is Rebecca Cundill.
I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a first class degree in Sport Science and Human Physiology in June 2021. After graduating, I decided to stay at university to study a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Physiology. With a keen interest in exercise physiology and STEM teaching, I hope this RISE Self Study Pack will be really informative for prospective university students interested in studying sport.

Hello my name is Zoe Sutton.
After successfully completing the second year of the BSc Sports Coaching and Development degree programme at Manchester Metropolitan University, I decided to take a placement year to work as the Students’ Union Wellbeing Officer.
As a mature student I am keen to ensure that parents and older students understand the accessibility a sports degrees provides for all.
This includes my Manchester Met’s exciting
First Generation Scholarship Programme.

The support tutors for this RISE Self Study Pack:
Dr Clare Pheasey and Dr Adrian Burden
are both based in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Institute of Sport. Adrian is Reader in Biomechanics and Clare is Principal Lecturer and BASES Accredited Physiologist.