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Now repeat this exercise for your person skills and attributes. Again, this is a difficult exercise to do if your confidence is at rock bottom so be kind to yourself

TIP: Sometimes we don’t recognise our own skills and values, so it’s useful to repeat this exercise where someone who knows you well gives you their opinion about your skills, attributes, and values. It’s always useful to hear how others see you. Remember, this is only helpful if it’s performed with unconditional positivity.

Let’s recap over what you’ve discovered. Read through what you’ve identified. Can you:

  • Identify your top 5 Values for your career?
  • Identify your top 5 specific Skills/talents?
  • Think about how you work – does your work ethic conflict with your values? (eg are you a procrastinator AND a perfectionist?)
  • How will your top 5 Values influence your practice and how you work?

Using your Values & Skills Audits, on a piece of paper write or draw an introduction to yourself that includes everything you have listed and acknowledged so far. You can make it visual to celebrate yourself and bring your values to life, or use words.

Think about what you have identified since yesterday, how you want to feel in the future, what skills you have and how you value the world. Try to encompass this stuff in a short and sweet introduction for yourself…