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What type of goal is this? Personal, social, fitness, organisational, travel or home related? Maybe its professional, career focused, skills based, future aims? Maybe its HUGE and maybe its small or short term… ANY type of goal is appropriate here, however simple it might seem, we are practising the technique, okay? Nice!

Now the hard bit…..

Write down 5 steps that will help you achieve this goal…. Try not to fixate on the outcome, rather think about what you might be able to do, things within your control, that you could start or get going on that would mean you begin heading towards this goal (NOTE not every step needs to automatically mean you achieve a goal, just things that would put you in the right direction)

NOW the harder bit…

Choose 1 of these.

Circle it

Re-write it as your next step.

Now unpick this: how are you going to do this step? What steps are needed to begin this, write a list…

NOW pick which of these things you are going to do and do IT!

If you cannot do it now, put time aside to do it, make a plan to make it happen…write it in your diary, put a note on the fridge, whatever you need to make sure it is actioned ASAP!


Answer the questions below as a way to continue to build your future by reflecting on what you love, have and are proud of…

  1. How would you describe last year’s experience in three words?
  2. As you look back over the last year, what are you most grateful for?
  3. What moments were most significant and how did they impact you?
  4. Which project did you most enjoy working on last year? And why?
  5. What were your biggest accomplishments last year? What are you most proud of?
  6. What goals did you achieve last year?  Which ones did you achieve? How does it feel to have achieved them?
  7. For the goals not achieved, what stopped you?  
  8. What is one lesson you learned about your passion this year?
  9. How did you push the boundaries of your comfort zone?
  10. What can you do in the coming year to continue pushing those boundaries? 

So, if body language can shape your mind, how might your physical being shape your future? Watch this inspiring video and make a note of something small you can start today, that might make HUGE change if you keep up the momentum…


LOVE this talk from Amy Cuddy, the emotional impact of what she is talking about really resonates as you watch it, right? How do you think you might use this technique in the future? Give it a go…

So if your body can shape your mind with 2 minutes of movement, how can you shape your future with tiny steps of daily activity?

Writing goals down doesn’t automatically make them happen, you still have to do the work. But identifying and connecting to the things you truly want, will help you to be authentic in your goal setting, and making notes of what you want, defining your desires and dreams can really help you to build a relationship between having an idea, and making a goal tangible…

Lets end today by giving yourself a positive affirmation in relation to what you want in your future. Tell yourself you believe you can do it, and you deserve to have what you want. Lets begin to embody the things we say we want in our future, small step at a time. Reflect over what you have done today while you watch the broadcast video in the next sprint, and smile at your personal development.