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Remember in our first day/topic on DREAMING, we looked at motivation, inspiration and ended by looking at distractions? Well we are going to take a slightly deeper dive on what the relationship between Procrastination and Self Effectiveness is….

Firstly, take a moment to think about what tasks or activities you use in your procrastination process?

Probably social media or our phones are high on the list here! But also have a think about the other things, the stuff that on the outside might look like its Super You excelling at the world, but if you’re really really honest, you can tell its a way to procrastinate or avoid things. For example, maybe you run. A great activity for your life, but do you undertake your runs at the right time, or are they masking your indecisions, or giving you a break from a piece of work…? Take some time to reflect, maybe make some notes on this.


Lets take a trip together, pack your suitcase we are off to the exotic island of Procrastination….

Available at:

For fun, I want you to doodle your own island or landscape and add onto it things you do when you feel distracted…

Don’t make it smart or neat, be loose and playful with this. Nobody will see it, it can be a mess!


Mel Robbins

Now watch this short video…

How do you view your procrastination? Watch this short video to have your life changed!

Now lets go back to your Island, landscape or visual map. I want to you rethink this land of diversion, this island of misdirection, and start to amend it to a space in which you can identify your habits. In every area of your “land”, add a specific behaviour or stress trigger that you can observe in yourself. Again, doesn’t matter if this is messy or un-beautiful, its the exercise and process that matters!

Available at:

Finally, to finish today’s BUILDING theme, watch this short video. Take some time to reflect and absorb what you have explored, and finish for the day!