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Self Study Kit: Teach your self a skill at your own pace
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Leanne Fitton Senior Lecturer in Academic Development
Catherine Elkin Experiential Learning Tutor
At Manchester Met we want all of our students to be confident and literate in the uses and limitations of Artificial Intelligence. This pack will help you to navigate an exciting new technology in confident and safe ways to support your future work and life, and appropriately in your current studies.

The revolution in artificial intelligence is as terrifying as it is exciting! It is already transforming the world of work, and bubbling up in everyday life. Understanding these technologies and how to use them is increasingly important – as is a knowledge of their limitations and risks.

AI can also be a powerful tool to support your studies – but it can also be used inappropriately. We know lots of our students recognise this potential. And we know lots of you worry about getting yourselves in trouble for using it in the wrong way.

Our approach at Manchester Met is that AI isn’t something we can or should hide from. We want all of our students to feel confident with this new technology now, and in their futures. And we want you all to feel secure that you understand what is and isn’t ‘good’ use of AI in your studies.

This self-study pack is the first step in that journey. It will offer you a broad introduction in use of the technologies. As we do this, you’ll gain some concrete guidance in navigating the university’s rules and regulations with confidence. We have structured the pack so that everything we think all students should know is covered in the first topic (it can be completed in about half an hour). You’ll then have the option of pursuing a more detailed course, earning Rise points and an AI Literacy micro-credential.

Colleagues from across the university have supported the development of this self-study pack, including the Faculty AI Leads and members of the Library, Academic Study Skills, Careers and Assessments.

Associated Badges:


  • close Everything In A Nutshell
    A half-an-hour overview that will orient you to Manchester Met's policies on the use of AI, and provide a basic introduction to Generative AI and how it can be used.
  • close Getting started with generative AI
    This first topic will provide you with an introduction to AI.
  • close Considering the wider impact of AI
    A key part of being a student at university is thinking critically. AI tools are incredibly exciting and offer a lot of potential, but it's important that you are aware of some of the issues with them too.
  • close Developing your AI Literacy
    Now that you know what AI is, we will move on to exploring what it can be used for and getting some hands on experience.