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What is AI Literacy?

AI literacy is understanding, critically evaluating, and effectively using AI technologies. It covers a range of knowledge and skills, including:

  1. Understanding the basic concepts and terminology related to AI
  2. Recognising the potential applications and limitations of AI in various domains
  3. Evaluating the ethical implications and potential biases in AI systems
  4. Using AI tools and platforms responsibly and productively

You can self-assess your AI Literacy skills using the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool. It only takes around 10-15 minutes, and no one will see your results (unless you choose to share them!). It gives you an opportunity to reflect on your knowledge of AI in the following seven areas:

  1. AI and digital proficiency
  2. Responsible AI
  3. AI and digital productivity
  4. AI and information and data literacy
  5. AI and digital communication
  6. AI and collaboration and participation
  7. AI and digital creativity

After completing the AI literacy self-assessment, you will receive a personalised report that provides an overview of your confidence in AI, suggests actionable steps to improve your skills, and offers links to further resources to help you expand your knowledge of AI and enhance your overall AI literacy.

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