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About this Self-Study Pack

Generative AI is here. And it’s here to stay…

At Manchester, we recognise the implications of these new technologies. We think its important that every student has some basic understanding of AI. We’d like you to know how to use it well, and the range of applications it might have. We’d also like you to have some understanding of the ethical and practical problems with AI.

Armed with this balance, we think we can equip our students and alumni to navigate and benefit from the opportunities that AI presents to support your studies and your careers – whilst avoiding inappropriate use.

This self-study pack is the first step in that journey.

We’ve designed it so that all the most critical information – including what you need to know about Manchester Met’s regulations – are contained in this first topic. You can finish this in about half an hour – and we expect that all students will do this.

If you’re interested in deepening your understanding, you can keep going – and the remaining topics will unpack the concepts covered in more detail. Finishing the full self-study pack will take about 10 hours. Through it, you’ll deepen your conceptual understanding of AI – and some practical skills for using it.

You’ll also be awarded a Manchester Met Microcredential certifying your AI Literacy if you finish the pack. This will be displayed on your Enhanced Rise Transcript. You will also earn Rise points that can count towards credit and recognition in your degree – and can contribute to a further digital micro-credential in Digital Literacy.

You can continue to progress through this pack by clicking the ‘mark complete’ button below.