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Rise x Man Met Enterprise Team

Camila Torres Copywriter Sandwich Year Student

Everyone can be entrepreneurial. That is the ethos of the new Man Met’s Enterprise Team. Regardless of your background, course or faculty, everyone is invited to try something new and explore the endless possibilities that the enterprising world has to offer.  Whether you are evaluating initial ideas or feel like you are ready to launch them, The Enterprise Team are eager to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Here at Rise, we share and inspire the Enterprise Team’s mindset by using technology and our different approaches to get enterprise content to every student. Check out the live opportunities that will help you develop or get started with your projects:

Attend the current workshops and get inspired by great experts in the field. Learn a new skill, generate, and reflect on your ideas.

If you are new to enterprise, check the self study packs that cover some of the important basics. From idea generation to the financial stuff, these self study packs are a good starting point.

You can also become part of the Man Met Enterprise Community by joining their Linkedin Group, where you’ll find even more content and diverse opportunities.

And! Sign up to the forthcoming ‘Creative Crawl’ Wednesday November 2nd.

The ‘Creative Crawl’ will take the Man Met Enterprise community off campus and around Manchester to meet the creative sector. This is your chance to meet freelancers and makers in their studios and workshops, learn their top tips since graduating and be inspired!

With an enterprising mindset, there is always something new to learn, and Rise and the Enterprise Team will continue to provide events and activities to keep you motivated and empowered throughout the year. Not only will you learn how to get an idea off the ground, but you’ll also be able to claim Rise Points that can count towards your degree profile!

View All Our Enterprise Opportunities Here