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Future me plan

Future me plan inspires you to think differently about your time at Manchester Met and beyond. Through programme-based activities and following the Future me plan framework, you will discover new opportunities and keep track of your experiences in your portfolio.

Future me plan makes focusing on the future easy.  

It helps you create a personal development plan that is unique to you by guiding you through four stages.

It will help you discover new opportunities and reflect on the knowledge, skills, and attributes you have. The four stages are:  

Map – Plan your journey and set short or long-term goals.

Experience – Try a range of different experiences.

Reflect – Consider how your experiences have shaped your thinking.

Share – Curate your story and share with others.

If it’s your first time visiting, click Login to enrol to get started, or if returning once logged in just click ‘enrol’ to access.    

You might be introduced to Future me plan through your course or co-curricular activities. If so, your Programme or Personal Tutor may provide you with resources and activities tailored to your area of study.  

It is you though that drives forward your planning, experiences, and reflections. You choose how to share your learning, progress and development. This could be with friends, on LinkedIn, or via a blog, for example. 

If Future me plan is not used within your teaching or personal tutoring programme, you can work through it independently. We recommend completing at least one cycle of Future me plan per academic year.  

My Five Year Plan 

Before September 2023, Future me plan was called My Five Year Plan. If you uploaded My Five Year Plan documents to CareerHub you can still access them. Find your My Five Year Plan documents.  

See Future me plan in action

In Conversation with… a current student

Use the link below to read Joshua’s story, he’s a current student sharing his experience of Future me plan.

In Conversation with… a recent graduate

In this podcast Mâir Bull (Future me plan’s academic Lead) chats with recent graduate Surbhi Rana. Surbhi explains what is has been like studying for her undergraduate degree and then completing a graduate internship at Manchester Met. Surbhi highlights how she’s used Future me plan to try new things, develop key skills and apply for a Master’s. 

In Conversation with… a Business Psychologist

In this video Mâir Bull (Future me plan’s academic Lead) interviews Katie Humes, a business psychologist who has lived in Hong Kong, Australia and now the UK. Katie outlines her career path and how she works with companies like Chanel, NHS, large banks and corporations. She also explains how she uses reflective practice in her own workplace and how investing a little time in professional development regularly helps her to keep up to date with the changes and thinking in her industry.

Need help?

If you have questions about Future me plan, talk to your Programme or Personal Tutor, or get in touch with Mâir Bull at  

Mâir Bull 
Future me plan
Academic Lead

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