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Making a Self Study Pack

To begin making your Self Study Pack, you will need your account to be upgraded to ‘Instructor’ by a member of the Rise Team. You can ask your faculty contact or email


Being upgraded to an ‘Instructor’ means you now have permission to create your own Self Study Packs through the Rise at Manchester Met website and view statistics on how many participants are engaging and what they are up to. The only restriction is that you can’t publish directly – an admin needs to review your course before it is finally released.

Which guidance should I follow?

Staff members can submit a Self Study Pack for a subject of their choice by following the instructions in the Toolkit below. It outlines some technical tutorials and offers some ‘style’ guidance to ensure that your final creation fits with the broader approach of the Rise catalogue:

Alternatively, there is also budget available to commission payment for Self Study Packs in cases of external partners or students wishing to author them. In these circumstances, a proposal will need to be submitted, outlining plans for the pack first. Instructions for this can be found via the Self Study Pack below, which will also help you to understand how to translate your plan into a living, breathing course: