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When should a Self Study Pack be created?

Self Study packs are a valuable asset to encourage independent learning. However, they may not be appropriate for every situation. We judge this according to four criteria:


When you put together your course you should think particularly about its appeal. Can we reasonably expect that students from different subjects across the university would want to learn more about it?


We need to be convinced that a complete novice will be able to follow your Self Study Pack.

We also need to make sure the packs are open and accessible. Anyone – whether they are a student or a member of the public – should be able to engage. This means the material used in the Self Study Pack can’t be anything which requires a log-in or payment – everything has to be open and accessible.


We are interested in the benefits for students of having studied the topic. How will it deliver concrete extensions to their skills and thinking? How are these significant to enriching their experience and enhancing their employability?


Finally, we will think about how well the pack fits within our expectations of participants’ time (between 8-12 hours) and the journey they are taken on.

We will think about whether there is enough substance for the learner to feel that they have ‘progressed’ without it becoming too demanding.

Use the above criteria to consider your idea for your Self Study Pack. Ask yourself – is this something that would be better served as a workshop/taught course, or another activity facilitated and supervised by a tutor?

If you are unsure about the best format for your idea, you may be best served discussing your query with a member of the Rise Team. You can either reach out to the Rise contact for your faculty or email the Rise inbox at