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Rise is a unique feature of the Manchester Met offer which enables students to gain recognition and credit for engaging with extra-curricula learning. We provide a range of opportunities for students to step out of their subjects and into interdisciplinary topics and themes.

Our intensives are one significant feature of that offer. They are a catalogue of ‘micro-courses’; independent study packages containing text, video and audio which can be accessed at any time on a self-enrolment basis and completed at whatever pace is most appropriate to the learner. We create intensives as open educational resources, and make them available to anyone who wants to explore them.

Rise works on a points basis; when participants acquire 300 points, they can apply for transcript recognition, and potentially classificatory credits towards their course. Our intensives award 40 points towards this.

We have also designed our Intensives so that they can be authored by anyone; staff, students or external partners. The purpose of this course is to introduce potential authors to the approach we take, and to guide them through the process of proposal, development and delivery of an intensive.

It will take you through the proposal of bidding for funding to support an intensive, designing and creating a course. Authors (including students at Manchester Met) can apply for funding for this, and Manchester Met students will also receive 160 points on completion of a created intensive.

Prerequisites: None

Rise Points Available: 160

About the Authors

Mark Peace is a Head of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University and director of the Rise project. His background is education, with practice which has always emphasised ways of situating the learner as a producer and generator of impact and insight, rather than a consumer of knowledge.