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Employer’s are increasingly seeking to employ graduates with a range of ‘soft skills’ that complement their technical/degree skills, as they can adapt quicker to the different challenges of the workplace.

These soft skills include things like resilience, leadership, and communication

We have drawn on the lived experiences of our KTP Associates to get real world examples of how these skills have played an important role in delivering their projects.  We hope that hearing actual examples from people that have made the transition from academic to study helps you to understand the importance of these skills and that, through the academic insight, you will develop a new capabilities that will enhance your employability prospects. 

During this intensive/module, we will touch upon:

· ‘Soft’ skills employability gaps  

· What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership ? 

· Soft Skill Focus: Communication 

· Soft skill focus: Resilience  

· Soft skill focus: empowerment/leadership  

· Benefits  

And finally, this course is for everyone! We hope that the course will help our new and current KTP Associates in delivering their projects and our undergraduates/graduates in becoming better equipped to meet the expectations of industry.

Have drawn upon the following insights:

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