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Meet the Rise Interns

Hello!  Firstly, a great big Manchester Met welcome to all our new and returning students. This is going to be such an amazing time in your life!

And welcome to this year’s first edition of Notes from the Interns. This regular newsletter will give you brief updates about what’s going on with the Rise Programme, updates about events and projects that are taking place, and any other important things to know to help your skills sharp and your mind open.  

If you’re new to Rise or are in need of a refresher, Rise is your extra-curricular playground; through it, you can expand and apply learning from your course, find space for broader skills, or try out entirely new things. There’s no pressure and no expectation of prior achievements. It’s your chance to experiment with something completely new. 

We’re launching the term with a whole range of pop up activities across campus; some great opportunities to get hands-on and creative with your peers, and start to sample what Rise has to offer. 

View Our Popup Programme on the Rise Website Now!

As you engage with Rise, you can earn points that count towards extra recognition on your degree, and in many cases, actual credit. It’s an opportunity for you to engage with people within the university and beyond, gain the skills you need to thrive and get the support you need to make the most of your course, connect to your community, and take the next steps towards your fulfilling future career.  

With all that covered, it’s time to meet the interns who will be taking care of you all during your time within Rise at Manchester Met…. 

Aimee (She/Her)

Hi, my name is Aimee, and I’m the UX/UI intern at Rise. My job is to create a convenient and satisfying experience for you when using the RISE Website. This is done by creating user-friendly interfaces to meet your needs. I’d love to hear your feedback and your thoughts on RISE.  

I’ve found the Critical Self-employment intensive very helpful. It gives up to date information about self-employment, so I consider it really important for students who are thinking about self-employment and freelancing.  

Frazer (He/Him)

Hi everyone, my name is Frazer and I’m an event manager on the RISE team. It’s my job to ensure that not only do you have something to engage with this year, but making sure things happen on time, in the right place, and that the person running the project, intensive, event or activity has everything they need to deliver it. I’m in charge of everything events related, from who we get involved, to how many tables and chairs they need. I’m really looking forward to you getting involved with everything we have planned for you! 

Something I’m particularly excited about on the RISE website is the Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language intensive. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about being deaf and how sign language works, then this is a great intro that can lead to some pretty amazing things! 

Rob (They/Them)

Hey! I’m Rob, the social media manager at RISE. It’s my job to make sure that the endless opportunities we have on offer are being put out into the world and that we’re connecting with new students every day. One of my favourite things about the RISE is how our intensives allow you to explore topics at your own pace: for example, I’ve been working my way through Understanding Wellbeing when I have a spare half hour in the evening and fancy something a bit more engaging than Netflix. This particular intensive is great if you’re familiar with concepts like Mindfulness but would like to dig deeper into the bigger picture of how we define wellbeing, as well as how you can embed these practices into your own routine. 

Sharon (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Sharon Muchina and I am the student co-production intern. My job is identify, collect and represent student’s views and experiences with the RISE programme. One activity I’m looking forward to is Brand design. I find it to be a very exciting and unique opportunity to learn and understand the journey behind a successful product/service.  

Kalon (He/Him)

Hello hello, I’m Kalon the Video Producer at RISE. It’s my job to edit all the videos on RISE and create promotional videos, animations or any creative bits you see! I love how RISE offers so much that caters beyond your degree. Its an amazing resource to dabble into new subjects and themes that may not be covered on your course.

The Video Production Intensive is a great place to start your know-how on producing professional-looking video projects from the equipment you already possibly have in your hands. It takes you through all the stages of production from start to finish. And You’ll soon end up with squeaky clean new glimmering video production skills!

That’s all we have time for this week, next time one of your lovely interns will be taking the reins on their own! We wish you the very best of luck during your induction! Don’t panic, you’re here, it’s great, everything is gonna be fine!  

If you aren’t already involved with RISE, you can enrol and get stuck in with our incredible events and activities by heading to our website.  

Thanks for reading, see you next issue!