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Explore the basics of designing and launching a brand identity in reference to your audience and key competitors
Hello! I’m Jonny Rae-Evans and in this three part intensive we’ll be learning all about brand design. Throughout these three topics we’ll explore the basics of how to design a successful brand identity. We’ll look at what we mean by brand design, and how to better understand your audience and competitors. We’ll look at the fun stuff too, like business strategy, brand strategy, and how to align the two. Even if you don’t pursue a career in brand design, at least this will give you something fun to talk about at parties. Comms and messaging play a key role in brand design work, so we’ll definitely be exploring how to communicate the brand to customers and the public.  This is a course which allows you to get creative, and in this intensive you’ll learn about how to generate logo ideas and concepts, how to use colour theory in your work, and how to design a successful brand from the ground up.
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