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Develop an understanding of deaf awareness and deaf culture, as well as learn how to introduce yourself using British Sign Language.
This self-study pack will give you an insight into today’s deaf world, the barriers deaf people face on a daily basis and strategies and communication tactics to help overcome these barriers. We’ll begin to learn British Sign Language and explore conversation techniques that will enable, encourage and give you the confidence to interact with deaf people going forward. Throughout this self-study pack, there will be opportunities to review your learning in the form of short interactive quizzes. By the end of this self-study pack, you will be able to identify your next steps in your British Sign Language learning journey.

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Key InformationPoints40Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date02/11/2020
Author Info

Jonathan Slack is a profoundly deaf native BSL user and has been teaching British Sign Language for over 20 years.

Emma Andrews is the courses lead at the Manchester Deaf Centre and is a trainee sign language interpreter. She is passionate about supporting the deaf community and raising awareness.

The Manchester Deaf Centre was established in 1846 and is the largest organisation to provide support to and promote access and inclusion for the local deaf community and beyond in Greater Manchester. Manchester Deaf Centre website: home (