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Unlocking the Power of Volunteering

Camila Torres

Volunteering and Service-Learning opportunities are not only about helping others. These opportunities offer us a space to grow personally and professionally, build skills, broaden our understanding of the world, support positive wellbeing, develop and support community, and meet lovely people. By stepping up and dedicating our time and talents to causes we care about, maybe causes new to us too, we can cultivate empathy, develop problem-solving skills, and build lasting connections which can positively impact career opportunities and our wellbeing.

Volunteering may seem challenging, or an unknown – especially if we haven’t done it before. But don’t worry! Rise has commissioned an incredible, in-depth Self Study Pack on Volunteering and Service learning, that will take you through ways to approach organisations – and, super exciting – the Self Study Pack will be your passport to volunteering opportunities across Greater Manchester.

By completing the Volunteering and Service Learning Passport self study pack, you’ll unlock a volunteering and service learning search engine that will make it easy for you to find opportunities that align to your ambitions. Whether you’re in Manchester or a different address for the summer, you’ll find something meaningful and exciting to do.

This one-of-a-kind self study pack will work towards a Bronze Civics Badge which you can use to apply for an opportunity with a wide range of organisations and charities, as it will evidence your proficiency and knowledge on the theme. You’ll also gain 50 Rise Points,10 more than any of our other self study packs!

Volunteering Opportunities to get started!

By completing the Volunteering and Service Learning Passport self study pack, you’ve unlocked many great volunteering opportunities across a wide range of causes. Some of the upcoming opportunities include:

Look at all our Volunteering Opportunities.

Using your Bronze Civics Badge

Use your  Bronze Civics Badge to apply for opportunities outside the Rise website!

ReachOut is a national mentoring and education charity looking for Volunteer Mentors to work alongside young people to help them develop their character and boost their confidence. You’ll work with a young person over the course of the school year for 2 hours a week, all whilst developing your own skills and experience. Apply to become a ReachOut Volunteer Mentor today with the help of your very own Bronze Civic Badge.


Feel you’re not ready to formally commit to volunteering? Are you looking for something more flexible and achieved in less time? Then micro-volunteering might be the perfect starting point for you. This innovative approach to volunteering allows you to make a difference in small, bite-sized ways that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Things like being part of a Time Bank, attending one-off volunteering opportunities, or even digital volunteering are part of micro-volunteering. Learn more and get started on Micro-volunteering.

Whether we engage in micro-volunteering, participate in local initiatives, or contribute to global causes, our efforts, no matter how small, can create a ripple effect of positive change. So, let’s rise to the occasion, embrace the transformative power of volunteering, and leave a lasting legacy of compassion, empathy, and social responsibility. Have a look at the volunteering opportunities around you, play around, think of your identity as a volunteer and complete our self study pack!