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In this Self-Study Pack, we’ll begin learning about how volunteering can impact your student journey and right through all stages of your life. Start now to unlock amazing volunteer opportunities through Rise at Man Met!
We will explore the benefits and impacts of volunteering on you and others, as well as engaging with critical perspectives relating to volunteering, power and racism. We will grapple with the scale and scope of volunteering, the contexts where it takes place, and opportunities available to YOU! We will situate your interests at the heart of the prompts and activities, asking you to think about how you might wish to learn or develop through acts of service and volunteering opportunities.

The Self-Study Pack offers space for you to reflect on your personal motivations and drivers and to become more aware of your own strengths and how you might want to grow and develop through volunteering. Throughout this learning, we will be directing our focus both inwards to explore ourselves, and outwards, to think critically about the impact and benefits of our actions when volunteering.

You will finish this Volunteering and Service Learning Passport course and gain access to specially selected opportunities across Manchester and across various sectors. Learn about yourself, think about how you want to volunteer, and take time to develop skills and ideas that you can use when applying for exciting volunteer roles. This course is your passport into volunteering!

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Self Study Pack Content

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Key InformationPoints50Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date
Author Info

Laura Hamilton is a specialist in volunteer engagement and volunteer management, with over 20 years’ experience working in this field. Her background includes working for both volunteer involving and volunteer infrastructure organisations. She spent a number of years as a member of the management team at George House Trust; Greater Manchester’s HIV support charity. She has also led youth volunteering programmes, was chair of Volunteering Greater Manchester and a member of the North West England Volunteer Development Council.

Since 2017, she has worked as a freelance consultant; supporting organisations to establish, grow and develop volunteering and delivering training, learning and mentoring for volunteer managers. She is an Associate Trainer with NCVO and was a Volunteer Support Facilitator with the Leaders in Greater Manchester Place Based Leadership Programme. Laura is a qualified relationship therapist and is trained in systemic and psychodynamic approaches, which inform her work around managing difficult conversations and conflict. Laura has volunteered since her teens and currently helps out with a community garden project in her local neighbourhood and at her son’s school.