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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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10th August
to 10th August
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Neighbourhood Health Champion

10th August to 10th August
Neighbourhood health champions (NHCs) are members of the community in Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme, who help connect local people with services, help share good health information and empower people to make positive choices.
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central

Neighbourhood health champions (NHCs) are members of the community in Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme.
We are looking for people that:

Live in Hulme, Moss Side or Rusholme
Are 18+
Want to help others
Can work as part of a team
Want to improve the health and wellbeing of local people
Feel confident communicating and supporting people
Can attend training days and love to learn
Like to meet new people.

Who are we?
Our neighbourhood health champions work with the Manchester Local Care Organisation and the Millennium Powerhouse, in Moss Side.
What neighbourhood health champions can expect:

Training and support
Paid expenses
Grow and share your understanding of services and activities in the area
An opportunity to make a difference in your neighbourhood
Social events to reward and recognise your work
Further learning opportunities; qualifications and certificates (optional)
Help with skills for future employment (optional).

We will be training neighbourhood health champions in October 2023.

What is a neighbourhood health champion (NHC)?
NHCs are local people who care about the health and wellbeing of people around them. NHCs actively help others by raising awareness of health issues and opportunities, as well as wider impacts on people’s wellbeing (such as access to groups, advice and green space). NHCs will be trained and supported to share good information on health-related matters. This can be shared face-to-face with family, friends, colleagues and around their neighbourhood.
The aim of this role is address the specific health issues that affect people living in Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme. It is also an opportunity to feedback the concerns of the local people.
Examples of what a neighbourhood health champion might do:

Talk to people about the benefits of health screenings
Help people access basic health checks such as blood pressure tests
Talk to people about their needs and help connect them with the right services
Help host coffee mornings in their local area, to talk about health and wellbeing with friends and neighbours.

Who can apply?
This role is for anyone interested in health and wellbeing in Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme. The role is voluntary (expenses and training will be paid for).

What is the commitment?
NHCs will work with us for a minimum of six months. The hours are flexible – you can be an NHC if you work, volunteer or have other responsibilities. Being an NHC is more about how many people you reach, rather than how many hours you have worked.

Volunteering with Rise

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