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Rise: Working With Experts to Become Experts

Camila Torres Copywriter Sandwich Year Student

Manchester Metropolitan is home to a huge number of global experts, from award-winning artists and poets to cutting-edge sports scientists and life-transforming educators. Here at Rise, we’re proud to offer opportunities for you to connect with these experts and explore their specialisms.

The Rise research internships programme is now entering its fourth year and gives undergraduate students the chance to work alongside Man Met staff on their research projects. By taking part, you’ll gain experience in real research and get the opportunity to contribute to live projects that are happening across the university. In the past, research internships have led to postgraduate study, conference presentations, and even co-publication with research supervisors. Whether it’s developing a podcast for young women or developing social media content about the history of war, there are many ways to get involved. Rise research internships can be a great way of enhancing your studies after assessment weeks and into the summer, so take a look.

Interested in research but not sure about a full internship? Take look at our research self-study theme to get yourself up to speed and ready for next year’s offer. Or, if you want a taste of what a full research internship might involve, then Man Met PhD scholars are running smaller-scale projects on robo-philanthropy and mathematical video-games in May and June.

Beyond research, we’re also offering experiences that connect you with the wider range of experts in the university. This summer, the Manchester Poetry Library will be offering a series of opportunities to get involved, from working with a local school on the Mother Tongue to an Other Tongue project to write poetry about the city. Additionally, our experts in computing and storytelling are collaborating on a project to tell a story through game design.

We’re also keen to benefit from your expertise too. This May, we’re encouraging students who identify as neurodiverse to collaborate on producing a resource that will help others to understand the diverse experiences of neurodiverse people. We’re also looking for students who have participated in Rise to tell their own stories and share their experiences through our first Rise exhibition, which will take place over the summer. Keep an eye on the site for these opportunities, or email us if you want to get involved.

Ultimately, Rise is all about developing your own skillset and becoming an expert yourself!

Self-study is a great way of expanding your knowledge and experience, but really, application it’s what’s vital to develop as an expert. Being able to apply your skills to real-life settings is what truly makes you an expert, and that’s why application is central to our gold badge pathways.

We know from working with so many of you that you are already an expert! This summer, why not use Rise as a way to deepen and develop your expertise?