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Where does my time go?

Before we turn to consider studying at university, we are going to focus on how you currently spend your time. This sprint will encourage you to ask the question: Where does my time go? Once you have considered how you spend your time, this sprint will ask you to think about your organisational and time management skills and reflect on whether they can be enhanced.

Watch this short video to help you to think about how you currently use your time. The video will introduce time circles, which can be used to visualise how you spend your time throughout the day.


Now that you’ve been introduced to time circles, it’s your turn to create your own! Create a time circle using the following template to demonstrate how you currently use your time on a “typical” day.


Having created your own time circle, it is now time to consider how effectively you currently use your time. To do so, complete this time management questionnaire. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, think about how you currently manage your time. The following questions might help you to reflect on your time management and organisational skills.

Are there any strategies that you find particularly effective?
Is there anything you’d like to improve?
Have your strategies changed over time? Why?