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What motivates me?

Finding your own motivation to become a sustainable graduate is key. In the video above I discussed what motivates me to be sustainable and identified four motivators:

  1. Soft Sustainability: A desire to make the world a better place.
  2. Critical Sustainability: Recognising that by not acting to make the world better we are supporting unsustainable and unjust systems.
  3. Innovation: Challenging norms and finding new ways to do things is exciting, rewarding, and empowering.
  4. Employable: Every industry and sector is looking to employ sustainable graduates. By gaining skills and knowledge in sustainability you can enter your career as an expert in a high-demand area.

<undefined>Vanessa Andreotti, 2006, Global Citizenship</undefined>

Explore the concept of critical sustainability and global citizenship with this article from Vanessa Andreotti. In particular consider Table 1 that compares soft vs critical motivations for changing and overcoming global systems and challenges. Reflect on how these factors might support your own motivations.