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How can we be sustainable?

Now that we know why we want to be sustainable we should understand what ‘sustainable’ means and which competencies a sustainable graduate should have. At Manchester Met we feel a sustainable graduate should:

  • Recognise the interplay of environmental, social and economic systems. 
  • Challenge norms, assumptions and values to support sustainable practice. 
  • Apply critical understanding of sustainable development and climate literacy. 
  • Foster creative solutions to local and global sustainability challenges. 
  • Use influence and agency to drive forward change for sustainable development.

In summary, you need to understand how the world works to change it!

Let’s take an example of a T-shirt. The garment industry current applies many unsustainable practices. The infographic below outlines some of the things a sustainable graduate might consider when entering this industry and aiming to drive a shift to more sustainable practices and development.

Think about your career pathway as a sustainable graduate

Pick a career or industry you would like to work in or even just a product you would like to help produce. Apply the sustainable competencies to this job or product. How could you change it or change the industry to be more sustainable?