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Timelines and Milestones

Rise is a rolling programme, with no fixed start or end dates. Students can accrue points throughout their degree, at any point in the year from September right the way through to August.

Points are not level specific – so points will continue to ‘accrue’, rolling over each year as a global total. In fact, if students gain points prior to their arrival through our public access platform, they can even convert these points into their student account.

The critical milestones relate to assessments. If students are eligible to claim credit within their course (which they can check by visiting our Assessment page), they need to have reached 300 points in time for the submission point. They are able to submit an assessment by the end of April of any academic year in which they are credit eligible.

Beyond this, timings are flexible within Rise. Students can engage at any time, for one-off or sustained activities (and staff can similarly run things whenever they like). We also have a range of self-study activities which can be accessed at any point and followed flexibly.

You may wish to be aware of the broader Rise engagement strategy, as follows:

  • Pre-enrolment: engagement with our ‘step up to study’ self-study packs, to earn points associated with preparatory activity.
  • Sept-Dec: Focus on encouraging as many students to take a ‘taste’ of Rise as possible. This will be supported by pop-up activities in academic buildings, and the opportunities to come to short ‘sandpit’ type activities and events.
  • Jan-May: Having engaged as many students as possible in a taste of Rise, from January we will roll out a broader programme of events and short projects, aligning with the second semester.
  • May-Jun: Following assessments, through this month we will offer a range of more intensive projects and collaborations.
  • Jul-Aug: Will generally consist of more flexible over-summer opportunities, including a number of career accelerators and collaborative projects.

Through this process, we will deliver an annual cycle by which we gradually intensify opportunities for students, in line with their broader availability. However its worth reinforcing that whilst it is helpful for you to signpost to students this pattern of offers, if you want to run things for your students via Rise, you are free to time them however you like!