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SDG Breakdown of Targets and Actions

Structure of an SDG

This sprint provides a breakdown of the SDGs. We will consider how each of the goals is composed of smaller targets, indicators and how these lead to action.

Each of the SDGs is a very broad and very ambitious goal. Take goal 2 for example, Zero Hunger. What will success in this look like? Which communities on the globe face hunger? Why are these groups facing food shortages? Will this change in the future? How will climate change affect food production? How can such a vast global challenge be overcome? Where do we start? What are the biggest obstacles to the goal?

To answer these questions each goal is composed of a series of targets and actions that form a pathway to achieving the SDG.

The following video explores this structure and outlines how each goal is constructed.

This will be taken further in the next sprint where a single goal, Goal 14, will be explored in greater depth.