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Reflection on the SDGs and their achievability

Reflection on the SDGs

Now we have introduced the SDGs we can take a moment to reflect on them. First, we can evaluate how our definitions of sustainability fit the goals. Secondly, we can evaluate the achievability of the different goals and finally how we personally fit into the framework of the SDGs.

Before progressing with the self study pack we can reflect on the SDGs

  1. Firstly look back on your definitions of sustainability and sustainable development. Do your definitions provide space for all the goals? Or have you focused on certain aspects like the human or environmental goals? If your definition does not span all the goals consider rewriting it. You may want to do this anyway with the new information you have been given.
  2. Now reflect on the achievability of the goals. From your research of the goals in the previous section do you feel any of the goals are more achievable than others? Has this changed recently, and are any current events affecting progress towards the goals? Where do you think the greatest challenges to achieving the goals lies?
  3. Finally, regarding your degree subject do you feel you can contribute to achieving any of the goals more than others? How do you think you could use your own skills and knowledge to progress towards the SDGs?

You should spend 10-15 minutes thinking about and answering these questions. They may also highlight where gaps in your skills and knowledge exist and push you to explore new topics.