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Is Manchester a Sustainable City?

We’ve looked at the SDGs so far on the global scale. In this section of the self study pack we will focus on our local community in Manchester. This is to ground the SDGs in change we can see around us and should provide you with a more relatable method to view sustainable development. Throughout this section you should still keep the global scope of the goals in mind and consider how the choices we make at the local level can reverberate into global action.

Do you think Manchester is a sustainable city?

Reflect on your time in Manchester and what you know about the city. Do you think it is a sustainable city or not?

  • This is quite a challenging question! Think of how broad sustainability is. You may want to look through the SDGs and consider how Manchester fares in each goal individually.

In October 2021 the Greater Manchester Green Summit was held. This summit aimed to produce a plan of action to bring climate action and sustainable development to Greater Manchester

“Over the next decade, if we accelerate our response to the climate crisis, we can create thousands of good jobs, improve homes, overhaul our transport system and make this an even better place to live.” – Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester.

<a href=”” data-type=”link” data-id=””>Review the outline of Green City Plan and how it relates to the UN SDGs</a>

Visit the Green City website and explore some of the guidance for encouraging sustainability in the city.

  1. How do these points link to the UN SDGs?
  2. How effective do you think these strategies are?
  3. Are there any gaps in the plan?
  4. Do you think the plan is inclusive of all areas of society?
  • You may wish to explore the GM Green City website further to look for events or ways to get involved in the plans for sustainable development