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At the core of Rise is a points-based system. Students receive points for any valuable experience beyond their course. Points are flexible and responsive and can be awarded for everything from a one-off event to a sustained project, placement or mobility. They can be awarded for pretty much anything as long as

  • The experience is not already part of the students formal course assessment, and
  • There is value to the experience in the students professional, academic and/or personal development.

Rise is intended to be agile and facilitative, and beyond these criteria we have no processes for approval or validation. Rather, we trust the judgement of staff in deciding that activities meet these criteria – and encourage you to be liberal and creative!

There is some scaffold in place around the number of points you should assign to a given activity, based on the following simple formula

  • Number of hours of engagement including both directed and informal/self-directed engagement, multiplied by
  • Degree of student autonomy with a passive event (e.g. a talk) receiving 2 points per hour, and a completely student led-event receiving 5 points per hour.

In this topic, you will be introduced to two tools you can use to award points directly to students;

  • Award Points: an interface in which you can directly award Rise points to a list of Student IDs.
  • Make Magic Link: a tool which generates a self-claim link to be shared with your students.

As you follow this topic, you’ll automatically unlock the permissions which allows you to access these tools.

In later topics, you’ll explore a more involved approach to being part of Rise; the creation of activities through our interface.