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Global Citizenship Self Profile

Here you will evalute yourself as global citizen and how your actions and choice impact the SDGs.

Create your global citizen profile

Follow the steps as a self-reflective excercise to indentify Follow the steps as a self-reflective exercise to identify your positive and negative impacts to the global community.

  1. Consider the SDG grid below and pick 5 of the goals that you feel you connect or contribute to, either positively or negatively.

2. For each of the goals you’ve chosen identify a way you positively contribute to this goal. Remember educating yourself, others or other advocacy is positive action!

3. Next think about where you might have scope to reduce or improve your negative impacts and contribute more to the SDGs and acting as a global citizen. Think back to the paper in the previous sprint. Try to address the causes of inequality not just the symptoms!

4. Consider your degree subject or job role. Does this provide you with any special knowledge or skills you can use to contribute to the global community? Remember sustainability needs global citizens for all types of backgrounds, disciplines and abilities. Try to identify 3 skills or key pieces of knowledge you have that can use to support reaching the SDGs.

From this you should start to be building a profile of yourself as a Global Citizen. You should be able to identify areas you provide a positive contribution towards global sustainability and other areas that you have scope to support more. You should also have begun to construct a sustainability skills and knowledge portfolio.