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Explore a Sustainable Development Goal

In the last sprint Goal 14 was explored. We reviewed why and how the goals of SDG 14 are to be reached. We also drew links between Goal 14 and some of the other SDGs to create a web of sustainable development. The sprint finished up with a review of some of the progress towards the goal and finally case studies of the goal in action.

Following on from this video it’s now your turn to get to know a goal!

Explore an SDG of your choice!

Follow the guidance below and the format of the previous video to get to know one of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Work through the points below. Aiming to create a short document or presentation answering each of these points. Remember producing this work now can be very useful for producing your RISE reflective document at the end of the course.

1. Pick a goal: spend a little time thinking about this and your motivation for picking that goal. Is the goal one that you feel closely related to or already have good knowledge of? Alternatively you may pick a goal that you don’t know much about. You might want to learn more about a certain area of sustainable development. Or you may pick a goal that you feel is important. Whatever the reason summarise it in a few bullet points2. What are the key challenges or motivation associated with goal?

2. What are the key targets, actions and indicators of the goal?

3. How does the goal connect to other goals?

4. How does the goal connect to other goals?

5. Create your own web of interconnectivity based on the example above. Try and think of some real world global challenges that link the goals

6. Try to find one or two case studies of your chosen goal being applied in the real world.

Share your motivation and findings

Return to the Miro board used previously (link below). Add notes to the two boxes related to this task. Share which goal you have chosen and why. In the second box share one piece of information you discovered that relates to your goal or case study