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Rise Self-Isolation Challenge

Upskill in Creative Digital!

The Greater Manchester region has one of the fastest growing creative digital sectors in Europe, with an rapid expansion jobs for graduates from all disciplines and subjects. Digital is also becoming increasingly relevant across a vast array of more conventional jobs and professions. We’ve pulled together some early opportunities for you to use your current circumstances to boost your digital skills and get ahead in the opportunities which will carry on growing in the future

And Remember: Everything you complete here will earn you Rise Points which can be used to gain extra recognition on your degree transcript – and potentially transformed into to credits that can contribute to your degree classification. To access these opportunities you will need to register for Man Met Rise – you can do that here.

Gain External Recognition for Digital Literacy

The iDEA award is an external charity which creates bite-sized courses supporting and evidencing a range of creative and digital skills. Complete these at your own pace to earn a bronze or silver award, drawing on whichever badges appeal to you. Upload your email certificate to gain Rise Points.

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Take a Focused Online Course

Manchester Met has funded access to LinkedIn Learning for all students. It contains a range of creative, technical and business courses which can help you to develop industry-standard skills and knowledge. Upload a screen shot evidencing completion of a course or pathway and we’ll award you two points for every hour you invest!

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Learn to Code

Each day from Monday 5th October we’ll host a live webinar at 11am (it’ll also be recorded!), in which an industry expert will give a complete novices introduction to coding. The sessions will take an innovative approach of hacking and tinkering with existing computer games in order to understand the mechanics that make them work.

Every participant will receive 50 Rise Points


Basics of Physical Computing

Learn to create inventions with LEDs, sensors and other inputs and outputs. We’ll provide you with package of kit including a Micro::Bit and various components and a bespoke online course you can follow at your own pace. At the moment, we can send out 50 kits (and no more than one per flat), but we’re working to secure more supply soon.

Every participant will receive 50 Rise Points


Author Virtual and Augmented Reality

Get creative with Virtual and Augmented Reality using basic open tools and the functionality of your phone and laptop, with a bespoke online course you can follow at your own pace. We’ve delivered cardboard headsets to the halls – which might be useful, but not essential. But you can sign up to request a delivery of one if you want one.

Every participant will receive 50 Rise Points