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Dreaming allows us to let go of the restrictions of our reality and helps us to imagine what could be. We can dream about what we truly want or desire. Dreaming helps us to determine our hopes and futures, and however unrealistic these dreams seem right now, here in this course you will start to see how dreaming can become true.

What motivates you? Things you really care about, right? You do something if you truly want what doing it gets you, if you believe in it, you are more likely to care enough to get motivated and get on. So, let’s start here…

Take 5 minutes to think about yourself, try to understand what it is that you’re aiming for, and how will working towards that aim make you feel?

What do you want to be capable of in your future?
What does it look like to you, being that capable? Describe it…
How do you want to feel while doing the thing you want to be capable of doing?
What do you need to feel confident to proceed with the above questions? 
Be honest!!