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Our uniqueness makes us distinct and finding ways to celebrate that is essential if you want to be able to advocate for yourself, and believe that you are capable of pursuing your goals. In this section we will look at ways we can recognise our whole selves, and build mechanisms for self-advocating and promoting, building a strong personal identity is core to this. Then we will look at ways we can build solid foundations for moving forward.

How can you decide what your goals are and plan these effectively to move forward? By making your next steps achievable, manageable, and most importantly, what you actually want to be doing with your time, this should become easier.

Remember, you being you is so important and valuable. There is no other you in this world, and you deserve to find your tribe, be yourself, and feel excited to pursue your hopes and dreams!

Stefanie Sword-Williams Ted X Talk

Okay, so how do we self promote, and why do we? Building networks, meeting people and collaborating are all part of progressing your working life, and also your personal life. Sometimes we can shy away from the idea that networking is fun, or feel like we just don’t know what to say when we meet other people. Some people thrive on networking and love talking, which is great for you, but can overshadow other people who don’t feel natural in this environment. Here are some practical tips, whichever type of person you are:


TASK: How would you describe yourself in 3 words? 

Write these 3 words down.

Now, ask 3 people who you know (friends, family, course mates, tutors etc) what 3 words they would use to best describe you.

Take a bit of time to reflect on the responses you have received from people.

What do you think of these words? Do they resonate with you? Do they make you feel good? What take-aways from this exercise can you remember to refer to? Do other people see you the same way you see yourself?