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Rise Internships

Part of our award-winning Rise programme, Rise Internships are a fantastic opportunity for you to gain relevant skills and experience in an area suited to your field of study or interests.

A Rise Internship is an optional short-term internship opportunity of 70-100 hours, which you can undertake in any year of study. All Rise Internships of 70-100 hours or more are formally recognised by Manchester Met and are acknowledged on your degree transcript.

Rise Internships can look fantastic on your CV and are appealing to future employers, by completing an internship you will be able to gain relevant and vital skills for your future, skills you may not have gained otherwise, in areas you may never have considered before. By participating you’ll get exposure to local businesses and the chance to make connections and build your professional network.

You can apply for any RISE Internship you are interested in by following the instructions listed on each individual job advert.

You can also self-source an opportunity! If you completed, are in the process of completing, or are due to start an internship, work experience, or volunteering experience of at least 100 hours you may be eligible for Rise points. Complete this form to let us know and we’ll get back to you!

Search for RISE Internships

A short video with more information about the programme is available here.

If you have any questions about the programme, please visit our RISE Internships FAQs for further advice and guidance on how this scheme works and how to apply.

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