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Claiming Rise Points

Mark Peace Professor of Educational Innovation

There are many, many opportunities available through Rise, all of which will award points that can count towards your degree profile. But we also know that our students do all sorts of valuable activities beyond their courses – and Rise gives you the opportunity to claim points for these too. The process is easy: simply fill in a short form outlining what you did and upload some evidence, we’ll approve it, and the points will appear on your profile.

Claim Points for Your Independent Work Now!

You can claim points for pretty much anything – as long as you think it has value and it isn’t already formally part of your course. In the past, students have claimed points for volunteering, work experience, setting up their own collaborations and micro-projects, or for self-study on platforms outside of Rise.

In order to claim points, all you need to do is tell us what you did and when. We will ask you to upload a bit of evidence, but don’t be too worried about this – we just need to see some kind of confirmation. This could be a copy of a thank you email, a screenshot of a completion confirmation … If it’s volunteering, it could be as simple as a selfie of you doing the work (make sure nobody else is in the shot!).

And remember, there are loads of opportunities you can pursue independently within Rise, which will award points automatically. As well as our growing range of self-study kits, we have an exclusive arrangement with LinkedIn Learning – where you will be automatically awarded Rise points for completion of any of their 18,000 courses which you can access for free as a Manchester Met Student.