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The Rise assessment is your way to convert your Rise experiences into academic credit, and this self-study pack is your route into that process.
If you’re eligible, and once you’ve earned 300 Rise points, you can submit an assessed piece that tells us what you did, why it was valuable and what you’re going to do next.

It’s worth considering this as you earn points, so this self-study pack takes you though some useful tools to think about your learning with Rise, along with some key information on how to put your submission together.

Completing this self-study pack itself alone won’t be enough to claim credit. Between each topic, you’ll need to put in a significant amount of independent work in actually creating your portfolio. However, by following the tips we will outline here, you will build a good foundation upon which to develop your own ideas.

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Key InformationPointsN/AEffort10 hours plus writingPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date1st December 2023
Author Info

A picture of John Lean
John Lean is a Senior Lecturer in Education at Manchester Met and the Programme Leader of Rise.