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Enhancing Your Experience

The necessary social response to the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all of our lives. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of connection and structure, and we are all feeling the ways in which time has opened up in our newly restricted lives. Manchester Met has responded to these challenges by expanding it’s innovative Rise programme. We are offering a growing range of opportunities to learn beyond your subject through micro-courses, online events and parcel drops of kit and equipment to help you to grow, develop and make the most of this time.

And, even better, all of this engagement counts! Rise let’s you accumulate points for your extra-curricula learning, and to cash these in as part of your degree as transcript recognition and even credits which can enhance your classification*

Get started now, by registering and following our introductory course, and explore the ever-growing range of opportunities:

Learn Something New

Access one of the range of online ‘intensives’. Learn a skill or explore concepts beyond your degree in a range of courses created by our community; by students, staff and local partners. Perhaps you’ll even pitch for funding to create your own.

Attend an Event

Book in to one of our rolling programme of online events; learn the basics of sign language, French or Mandarin; take an online workshop or cookery lesson; enhance your academic and study skills; attend careers masterclasses and much, much more.

Book a Parcel Drop

We’ve secured various consignments of books, equipment and other resources which can help you to develop new skills, explore new creative possibilities – or simply to relax and socialise. Each consignment has limited stock which is allocated on a first come, first served basis. But we’re constantly adding new opportunities.

* eligibility for additional credits is dependent on degree structure and professional body accreditation.

A selection of themes which cut across our events, intensives and opportunities

Get Ahead in Digital – Gain an advantage in core transferable skills relating to one of Manchester’s fasting growing employment sectors [See More]

Internationalise – Broaden your outlook by learning a language or connecting with students in another university.

Be Creative – Engage with a range of opportunities to develop artistic and creative skills

Be Healthy – From cook-offs to workouts … your body isn’t just a carrier for your brain!