Writing a Journal Article

A common way of disseminating research is by publishing in an academic journal. As academic journal articles go through peer review, once published, your research will have stood up to scrutiny by others in your discipline. While scrutiny may sound harsh, peer review is not something to fear, it is a worthwhile process that aids you in reflecting on your research. Reviewers are often kind, pointing out where your argument is strong as well as offering suggestions on where it could be improved or made clearer. Before writing your article you should look for suitable journals in your field and consider where to submit it. On a journal’s website you should be able to see what their aims and scope are, you should ensure that your article will fit with journal scope. If you are unsure it is fine to email the editor and ask! The below video discusses things you should think about before you start writing, and the blog post offers tips for before and during writing the article.

Rowenna Murray (2013) The Guardian

A blog post with 10 tips for writing a journal article: https://www.theguardian.com/higher-education-network/blog/2013/sep/06/academic-journal-writing-top-tips



You should ensure that your work is correctly referenced throughout with a complete bibliography at the end of your article. The style of referencing used varies depending on discipline and also by journal. When submitting an article to a journal ensure you have checked their style guide for the refencing style they use along with any specific formatting they ask for. There is a handy guide for referencing on the MMU library site.

You can find the MMU library guide here: https://www.mmu.ac.uk/library/referencing