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The Peri-Natal Period Reflection Activity

You have now completed the peri-natal period topic. Use the checklist to think about any new knowledge you have gained. Use Driscoll’s model of reflection which we discussed at the start of the self-study pack to help you critically reflect upon your own experiences and demonstrate an awareness of personal and professional development. Use this template to think about: 

  • What (have you learned?) 
  • So What (What did the learning this week teach you / imply about the situation / your attitude / your practice/ the problem?) 
  • Now What (What will you do in the future to do better?) 

Use the marking descriptors in the document below to help you when writing your reflection. 

The document below is a blank template of Driscoll’s Model of Reflection which you can use to record your reflection.

The document below is an example of a completed Driscoll’s Model of Reflection completed for the peri-natal period. 

Now you have critiqued, evaluated and critically reflected upon this topic and your own learning, you can record this in your portfolio.