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Using the Graduate Attributes for your Map

The Man Met Graduate Attributes (Digital Connected, Interpersonal, Autonomous, Sustainable and Enterprising) combine the academic abilities, transferable skills and personal qualities that you as a Manchester Met student can achieve and exemplify when you graduate. They are things that employers can expect you to demonstrate in the workplace and will stand you in good stead whichever future path you choose to take. Including evidence of how you have developed your Graduate Attributes in your Future me plan will help you to talk about yourself and your achievements at job interviews or when applying for postgraduate study.   

Completing your Self-Assessment   

Firstly, rate yourself against each Sub-attribute by giving yourself a score (1-3). If you are not sure, do not be afraid to ask for help from someone like your personal tutor. Do not worry if you score 1 or 2 for any or all of these. The point of this self-assessment is to provide you with a base from which to develop. There is often a tendency to either over or underestimate your own abilities, so looking for ways to measure and validate your self-assessment can helpful. For example, you can discuss it with someone close to you.   

1 = I need to develop this   

2 = I am competent at this   

3 = I am highly proficient at this   

Next, think about what evidence you have for giving yourself these scores. Where does this evidence come from (what is its context)? Did you demonstrate the attribute on your course (e.g. through a particular unit, group activity, or assessment?), beyond your course (e.g. through extra-curricular activities or workshops?) or outside university (e.g. a part-time job or other experiences with organisations outside of university)? It can be helpful to have a mix of evidence of each attribute, this will strengthen your claim.