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The UN Sustainable Development Goals

And now the main event! With a strong foundation of the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development, along with a history of global efforts on sustainability we can now address the goals themselves. The video below outlines each of the 17 UN SDGs.

As you watch through the video think about:

  1. How are the different goals linked?
  2. Does your particular degree subject or career associate with some goals more than others?
  3. Do you feel passionate about any particular goals?
  4. Do any of the goals resonate with you personally?
  5. Do you think any of the goals will be more challenging to achieve than others?

In the following video I will outline the goals and explore three in a little more depth. I will also direct you towards further information that you are encouraged to explore in the next task.

Explore the SDGs

Now is your chance to familiarise yourself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Navigate to the UN website for the SDGs:

Spend around 15 minutes clicking through the goals. Read through their rationale, current progress and future predictions. Also note how current events may have hindered progress towards the goals.

You may also find more information on any specific goal on the resource page for the SDGs here:

This is a useful link to save if you wish to tie any future projects to the SDGs or use SDG branding on your work.


The UN has a set of guidelines to advise on the use of the UN and Sustainable Development Goals logos. You may want to use these logos and graphics in your own work and should review these guidelines before doing so.