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Physical exercise

In this section you will learn about physical exercise.

Exercise can boost fertility and help with a healthy pregnancy and birth.  Pregnancy concerns such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure may also be reduced. 

Physical exercise may help improve mental wellbeing during the pregnancy and being physically and psychologically healthy can improve the labour and childbirth. 

All these improvements benefit the long term health of the baby. 

Moderate activity is recommended although in women who have not exercised regularly or who have any medical conditions, this should be gradually increased from a low level. 

Moderate exercise should increase the heart rate and breathing rate without preventing speaking including riding a bike, brisk walking, dancing. 

For women who are usually fit and regularly exercise then vigorous exercise is possible including running, swimming, playing team sports. 

  • What advice can you provide to your local women to help improve their exercise regimens? 
  • How can you dispel some of the myths about exercising in pregnancy? 

Further information about exercise and being active when trying to conceive can be found: Being active when trying conceive