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Mental health medication during pre-conception

In this section you will learn about mental health medication during pre-conception.

For some women the mental health problems experienced are unanticipated but for others there is an opportunity to offer support to prevent worsening problems during the pregnancy including: 

  • Women who have had a mental health problem in a previous pregnancy where there is a risk of relapse of the problem. 
  • Women who have a history of mental illness in the past unrelated to pregnancy and those currently taking medication for their mental health 

It is important that women with a history of mental illness ‘plan the pregnancy’ by discussing their ambitions with their GP or psychiatrist.  This allows any medication they are taking to be altered to one that has the lowest risk of adverse events for a pregnancy and to optimise support throughout, including providing information to the woman and her support network to identify any early triggers or signs. 


Women who are taking medicines for their mental health should be advised not to stop taking the medicine without a discussion with their GP or psychiatrist. Planning a pregnancy and mental illness 

  • How in your role you can support women to improve their mental wellbeing? 
  • What local pathways and information is available to help women and their families if there are concerns about mental wellbeing?