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Introducing books and pictures

Introduction to ‘Books and pictures’

In this sprint you will develop the following knowledge: 

  • I can introduce pictures and books early and explain the simple visual outlines that babies can see. 

Towell, J. L., Bartram, L., Morrow, S., & Brown, S. L. (2021). Reading to babies: Exploring the beginnings of literacy. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 21(3), 321-337.

Read through the journal article below which sets out the many benefits of reading to babies.
Make a list of the impacts of reading to children. 
You can also access the article using the link above.


Develop your understanding of ‘Books and pictures’

We’re now going to explore the skills and techniques storytellers can use in order to engage children in reading activities.

Early Learning Centre

  • Watch the video below and think about:
    • What skills and concepts does the storyteller bring to the reading that supports the children’s engagement with the story? 
    • How does the storyteller help the children to understand the ideas and language that are unfamiliar to them? 

Did you notice the following: 

Reflect upon ‘Books and pictures’

Caroline Rowland, Claire Noble, Jamie Lingwood & Anna Coates. ESRC LuCiD Centre & University of Liverpool

  • Read this evidence briefing document below and make notes on how shared book reading boosts child language development.
    • What are the benefits for language development?
    • How can you maximise the effectiveness of shared book reading? 


Using the link above, read through the webpage to explore a range of communication and language resources. 


Further Resources

  • An introduction to early reading and how to support a reader 
    • This self-study pack is designed for anyone who is interested in supporting young readers, either at home or in a school/childcare setting. We will consider a range of strategies for promoting a love of reading and for supporting children as they grapple with the challenges associated with learning to read. 
    • It is also suitable for anyone who is interested in reading and/or children’s literature more broadly. We will explore the complexity of reading and the different skills that children need to acquire in order to become confident readers. We will also look at how books can be used to support language development as well as to develop children’s empathy and wellbeing.