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Find out more about the reading process and how we can support young readers as they get to grips with written language. Explore the many benefits of reading to support personal as well as academic development
This self-study pack is designed for anyone who is interested in supporting young readers, either at home or in a school/child care setting. We will consider a range of strategies for promoting a love of reading and for supporting children as they grapple with the challenges associated with learning to read.

This self-study pack is also suitable for anyone who is interested in reading and/or children’s literature more broadly. We will explore the complexity of reading and the different skills that children need to acquire in order to become confident readers. We will also look at how books can be used to support language development as well as to develop children’s empathy and wellbeing.

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Key InformationPoints40Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date3/11/2021
Author Info

Ceri Roscoe is now retired, having spent several years as programme leader on the BA Primary Education at MMU. Ceri has a strong interest in children’s literature.

Karin Boyle is a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education. She is passionate about ensuring that teachers have the knowledge they need to effectively teach children to read. She is currently conducting research around the way that teachers develop reading comprehension within schools.

Dr Steph Ainsworth is a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education. One of her research interests is phonological development – how children become aware of the sounds in words.