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Being a Learner

It is easy for adults to get caught up in specifics such as colours, numbers and letters, but what are we looking for in the longer term? It is helpful to take a longer view of the assessment of a child to help them keep and nurture positive dispositions to learning, and to be active rather than passive participants in their educational journey.

Carr, Dr M Carr, Being a Learner; Five Learning Dispositions for Early Childhood.pdf (

Increase your understanding of the 5 key learning dispositions by reading the short article by Margaret Carr below.


Portfolio task

After reading the article above and listening to the discussion between the practitioners in the previous task, use your portfolio to complete the following task:

  • What are our strategic aims for children’s long term well-being and lifelong learning?
  • Write 200 words explaining what your aims for children in your local community would be. Use your reflective notes and any personal experiences to support you.