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Intra-uterine devices (‘coils’)

In this sprint you will learn about intra-uterine devices.

There are 2 types of intra-uterine devices that are used: 

  • A non-hormonal copper containing device which does not change the pattern of a woman’s periods. 
  • A hormone containing device which will make the bleeding pattern less predictable but has the benefit of reducing or even stopping periods and reducing period related pain. 
  • Both types of ‘coil’ are excellent methods of contraception.   
  • The device is inserted inside the womb by a doctor or nurse who has been trained to do this procedure.  Before insertion counselling will be given explaining the procedure in more detail and the risks and benefits of the procedure and method used. 
  • Once the device is inside the womb it can stay there for between 3 and 10 years, dependent on device used, and can be removed earlier if a woman wants to conceive or if she has any adverse effects from the device.